You are a couple who...
  • wants a unique, customized ceremony that reflects your personalities and your love for each other
  • have different religious or spiritual backgrounds
  • are not affiliated with any faith/religion/church
  • wants to have your ceremony somewhere other than a house of worship
  • belongs to a religion which does not accept couples who have been divorced or are of the same gender
  • wants to include your children in the ceremony
  • wants to rededicate your love with a vow renewal
  • wants an officiant who is professional, organized and does not require      pre-marital counseling

Look no further.
We have open hearts and minds, and make no judgments about what people believe or don't--even if those beliefs are different from our own.  It doesn't matter whether you live together, have been divorced, or already have a family.  It is our passion and philosophy that you should have the ceremony that reflects who you are as unique individuals and together as a couple.
We also accommodate out-of-town couples who plan to have their
destination wedding in the Albany, NY area.
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