Trinity Cottage
Elopement Ceremonies

Elope:  to get married on short notice, with little or no prior planning involved.
[Please note that an elopement is not the same as a simple ceremony.]

I can help!  Here are the steps to a no-fuss elopement:

1.  Obtain a valid New York State marriage license (for information on how to obtain one, visit

2.  Fill out this form with your date, ceremony start time and location where you'd like to be married, and I will contact you with my availability.

3.  I will marry you in a public location within 20 miles of zip code 12306 (such as a park, restaurant, museum, etc.) in a brief (5-10 minute) civil ceremony for a flat fee of $200 (to be paid in cash before the ceremony begins).

4.  Bring two (2) witnesses to sign the license (18 years or older and US Citizen or Green Card holder).  If you need, I can provide one or both witnesses for a small additional fee.

5.  Go out and celebrate with your friends, or go away for the weekend, or enjoy a quiet dinner at your favorite restaurant.  I will file the marriage license with the appropriate authorities in a timely manner.  Your official marriage certificate will arrive at your home within 7-10 business days.